Globally Collaborate To Promote Values Of Rugby, Community Goodness And Leadership Attributes

The Positively Rugby Mission

Globally collaborate to promote values of rugby, especially community goodness and leadership attributes, using #RugbyGood

Positively Rugby is a global values-based collaboration business for rugby at all levels. Conceptualized in New Zealand, immersed in the rugby culture, and now based in the USA, where rugby is a rapidly growing sport, Positively Rugby is well-placed to provide business development opportunities for rugby people and companies around the world.

The relationships that Positively Rugby established, based on the rugby goodness of community involvement are valuable to find, create, and manage opportunities for clubs, teams, businesses, rugby players and coaches.  

"In rugby, the rules require the ball to be passed back, and a forward pass is illegal. The opposite applies to the real world, where passing it forward (paying it forward), is encouraged."

Charmaine Smith of New Zealand Black Ferns


"Always strive to be better, even if you are considered to be great already."

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"Working together as a spirited unit, bonded by a shared love of the game, we can foster the blossoming sport and grow it into a colossal success.” Read Article


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Jennie Reid, CEO & Founder
Facebook: PositivelyRugby
Twitter: @glasshalfull23
LinkedIn: jenniereid

USA based, working globally